Bill's good friend in Atlanta is a Veteran. He called Bill really upset that his son's school has decided to do away with reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the school day. He believes it is disrespectful to our country and those who have fought for our freedom overseas.

The decision to get rid of the Pledge of Allegiance stems from many kids choosing not to stand because they feel it isn't inclusive enough. A lot of people disagree with the pledge because it states we are one nation "Under God" and people have different religious beliefs.

We decided to bring our listeners into the discussion and here is what they had to say:

For the most part, people in Northern New England would be extremely upset to see our school systems do away with reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

My opinion: If a student doesn't want to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance then they shouldn't be forced to. They should remain quiet and respectful while those who wish to recite it to. However, getting rid of the tradition entirely will do more harm than good and those who have served for our country will feel disrespected.

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