We've all been spending a LOT of time at home and let's face it, if you live alone that can get pretty lonely.  Imagine being in a nursing home or assisted living facility and not being allowed visitors.  While the Coronavirus pandemic has effected all of us, it's especially hard for the elderly because they are highly susceptible to COVID-19 and have to make sure they stay very isolated,

That's why the "Adopt A Grandparent" program began. MSN.com reports that CHD Living, a nursing home company in London, was trying to combat the sadness and isolation some of their residents have been feeling.  They've invited English speaking people from across the world to "virtually adopt" one of their residents.

Once you apply, they will match you with a resident based on similar interests.  You'll be able to video chat which is set up by the company.  They'll also provide a Facebook Portal TV if you're chosen and will have employees on hand to help your "grandparent" use the technology!

Interested in signing up? All you have to do is fill out an application form online.




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