A vape pen is most likely the cause of a big scare at a Kingston, Massachusetts high school last month.

About 30 Silver Lake Regional High School students and four teachers were taken to area hospitals after reporting dizziness and throat irritation, according to Boston25news.

The incident happened on February 7th.

Boston25news.com reports that all 1200 students and staff were evacuated by the Kingston Fire Department. Kingston Fire Department chief Adams Hatch told the news channel that air quality tests were inconclusive and students were able to return to class the following Monday.

During the evacuation, firefighters reported smelling an odor like fruit-vape.

The report just released by the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services that was obtained by Boston25news.com seems to back that up.

Although the report states that the “official” cause is unknown, it does say that “ the chemical that made people feel sick was possibly a type of personal vape, oil or aerosol.”

No one was seriously injured in the incident.

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