WMUR9 is reporting that we have some wild, wicked weather headed to our area in the form of a nor’ easter.

This nor’ easter will be bringing some heavy rains and winds that will wallop us.

Get that laptop charged up, make sure you have your emergency candles, power up your phone because we could experience some power outages, according to the news station.

The storm starts to form to the southwest of New Hampshire Wednesday and will just keep getting stronger during the late evening into Thursday morning making for a rough commute, per WMUR.

The station adds that gusts between 30-50 miles per hour is expected.

Of course, power outages come hand in hand with those strong wind gusts so better be prepared just in case. Judging from the forecast, which is subject to some change, it seems that the heaviest wind gusts and rain will happen if southern New Hampshire from 12-7 am Thursday and hit the northern part of the Granite state a few hours later, according to WMUR.

The track of the storm can change so stay tuned to local news for updates.

Always better to be prepared and not have to use those emergency candles than to not have them in case of a power outage.  Stay clear of trees and head inside.  Remember, when thunder roars, head indoors.

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