Picture from @valerie.super tiktok
Picture from @valerie.super tiktok

Recent beach restrictions issued by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry that I wrote about last week got my attention.

I was saddened to hear that Maine had its first fatal shark attack on a swimmer off Bailey Island in Harpswell.  So when I saw that the advisory put out told swimmers to use an abundance of caution and not to go in the water over waist deep, I understood.

When I saw that, after a shark sighting near Cousins Island in Yarmouth, authorities were telling beachgoers not to go in past their ankles, I thought “wow, that seems excessive” but understood that they just want to keep us safe.

I even told my wife we couldn’t dip our feet in and she reminded me of the time I walked on water when I bumped into a stingray on Turks and Caicos  I was not amused.

According to yahoo.com, everything changed when I saw this TikTok post from a Florida resident, @valerie.super.  After going for a swim at Boynton Beach, Florida she got out of the water, turned around, and SAW THIS!  Look how close that shark is to the beach!

This is straight-up insane, I get it now. That shark is so close it could bite me even if I was only in as deep as my ankles.

There are lots of comments on @valerie.super’s post.  Some saying, “I would actually evaporate” and “Yeah, I’m never going in the ocean again” according to reporting on the story by yahoo.com.  That shark was swimming exactly where @valerie.super was just 5 minutes before she shot the TikTok.

I’m done. Next time you see me at North Hampton Beach in NH or Short/Long Sands in York, Maine I'll be doing just 3 things, 1- relaxing 2-getting vitamin d or 3-least likely walking on the beach getting exercise.



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