The policy order by the City Council is just a preliminary step in allowing an "X" option.

The City councilors in Cambridge, Massachusetts voted Monday night to offer gender neutral birth certificates. According to Boston News 25, City councilors said the move felt like a natural fit for the city following overwhelming support for the recent ballot question that protects transgender rights. If approved, a third gender option for the transgender community would be available. In addition to male and female, "X" on would be on birth certificates.

The public will be able to weigh in before potentially being sent for approval by the state legislature. Cambridge would be the first Massachusetts city to ad an X option, according to Boston News 25. The movement is gaining steam outside of New England, with similar measures in New York City, and four other states including California, Oregon, Washington and New Jersey.

The city told Boston News 25 by adding an option, residents would be have greater control in defining who they are and affirming their humanity and dignity.


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