Public high schools in America would like to think they are all equal, but they are not.

Some high schools have bigger budgets, better student-teacher ratios, extra help for children of all learning styles, and more opportunities for access to high-level learning for college or work situations.

In New England, we are proud to say we have some of the best educational opportunities and schools in the country, and it's especially true for higher education.

A study from 24/7 Wall Street ranked the top 50 public high schools in America.  Naturally, you would gravitate towards the coasts, and certainly the Northeast.

But here's the big reveal.  According to 24/, only one public high school in New England made the list.

As impossible as it seems to New Englanders, this research study gives highest and most valuable public educations to students in California, Texas, and Illinois schools districts, and then other Midwest and Southern towns.

The top schools have larger budgets to provide more opportunities for students in those regions.

eliott-reyna via
eliott-reyna via

You won't be surprised to learn the one public high school in New England, which ranked 17th in the country, is Lexington High School in Massachusetts.  Lexington always makes the multitude of lists of best schools, and with graduation rates at 99% and a student-to-teacher ratio of 13 to one, this makes sense.

With high SAT and ACT scores and 45% of students enrolled in AP courses, the Lexington School District ranks among the best in America.

Congrats to the Lexington Minutemen.

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