I would have loved to see this in person! The 20th Annual Santa Sunday at Sunday River in Newry took place yesterday. According the Portland Press Herald, the day could have not been more perfect. The sky was a vivid blue as hundreds of Santas graced the slopes. Many had participated in years past but for some it was their very first Santa Sunday.

Not only is this day a festive barrel of laughs, it also benefits the community in a big way. Proceeds are donated to the River Fund which helps kids in Maine achieve success and growth through education and recreation. The site states that the 240 Santas who registered raised 6,200 this year, far exceeding previous years!

Seeing the chairlifts filled with Santas is truly a sight to behold. I like to think many of the Saint Nick impersonators let out hearty "Ho Ho Ho's" as they make their way down the mountain.

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