Say It ain't so!! But according to TMZ Sports, a former Patriots player who is still connected with the team says that he is willing to bet $Money that Gronk will come out of retirement!

If true then Christmas has come early for Patriots fans because my man can still play at the highest level.

So, great news for Patriot fans but bad news for the rest of the NFL.

According to former player Jermain Wiggins, he told TMZ Sports that it is happening. Plus on August 27, Gronkowski is supposed to be announcing what he is gonna do next.

Jermain Wiggins said he's 97% sure of it, according to TMZ.

Jermain thinks he's gonna miss playing football and he loves the attention, loves the spotlight he said in the TMZ article. Wiggins also thinks the time off will help Gronk and he will have no problems getting up to speed.

Here's an exact quote from Jermain Wiggins "He'll be back. I'm telling you. Watch."

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