Sports are coming back! The Boston Redsox begin the season tomorrow 7/24/20 at Fenway Park against the Baltimore Orioles. The bad news we aren't allowed to watch in person but that's okay, I'm fine with that. I just wanna see some sports. The NBA and your Boston Celtics begin to play next Friday, July 31st in the bubble in Orlando against the Milwaukee Bucks.

I'm not sure what to expect this season from the Redsox but I'm sure the Celtics could go to the finals. I'm not saying they will win the NBA Championship but they could represent the East. Now to the NFL, The New England Patriots. As a Pats fan I ask the question...what can we expect? No Tom Brady AKA "The Goat"  Well let's break this down, The Patriots were 12-4 last year Let me repeat 12 wins and four losses. That's pretty good considering they really didn't have any weapons.

The question remains was it Tom Brady that made the patriots winners? or is it coach Bill Belichick? Maybe both right? Here are my two cents getting former Carolina Panther Quarterback Cam Newton was the best thing that could have happened. This morning via Cam Newton's Instagram account he posted this video of him throwing to Julian Edelman that will give you the chills and get us Patriot fans very very excited about football this year. Cam Newton is only 36, he has a strong arm, he can run something Brady could never do. Cam Newton has the EYE OF THE TIGER, he has a chip on his shoulder, he has something to prove and what's the one big motivator in sports? Ca-ching! Money. Let's go Pats. I DARE  you to watch this video and tell me you are not pumped for the season! FYI there's a bad word in the video.

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