There are very few people who would deny New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is still at the top of his game. After all, people don't call you The GOAT if you suck.

Yes there were those people last season that dared to point out Tom was starting to show his age a little. But let me be as honest as I can. I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I have been for over 40 years. And while it isn't easy to admit...TB12, despite turning 41 last week, is better than any starting quarterback in the league...including Big Ben Roethlisberger.

And it's pretty obvious the Patriots organization realizes just how special it is that Brady will play again this an age most professional players have called it quits.

The organization celebrated Brady's 41st birthday on Friday by presenting him with a 1,200 pound red, white and blue birthday cake. The NY Post says the 12-by-12 foot vanilla and red velvet cake was made at Montilio’s Baking Company in Brockton, MA.

This video from the Patriots Facebook page shows how the cake was assembled.

George Montilio, the owner of the bakery, told the Post the cake is six inches high and took 90 sheet cakes to complete. Six bakers took three days to make the number #12 cake. They used 2,000 eggs, 250 pounds of sugar and 150 pounds of unsalted butter.

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