There might be a lot of divide in this country right now but I think we can all agree on one thing; fried chicken is delicious. Even vegetarians who don't partake, deep down they know it's true.

That's why this week when Jook, A Chicken Joint, opened on Washington Street in Dover this past week, the phone for take-out orders was ringing off the hook!

Jook is a co-brand of The Sassy Biscuit which also has a location in Billings, Montana. According to the owner Jilan Hall-Johnson, Jook is looked at as a "sexy alter ego" of The Sassy Biscuit and gives out bluesy, date night vibes.

They have everything from biscuits to custom deserts and OF COURSE fried chicken. They are open just for takeout at the moment from 3pm-7pm Thursday-Saturday! Check out this delicious menu:

Oh, and I made a sassy comment about vegetarians at the beginning of this post. However, if you are one they aren't leaving you out of the fun! You substitute cauliflower in any sandwich.

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