So it all started this morning when I told the tale of why I have a huge burn on my wrist. Steven and I were cooking pizza last night for dinner and when I took the pizza out of the oven the stone part of the pizza stone tilted causing the burning lava hot metal to touch my wrist. I dropped the whole situation, the parchment paper that the pizza was sitting on caught on fire. It was a hot mess. (literally)

So I asked our listeners if they have ever experienced a cooking related injury and YES they have!

They were kind enough to share their stories with me and some even posted photos of their battle wounds. Warning: These photos may cause loss of appetite.

Well, I certainly don't feel alone now! It seems like most people have had a moment of kitchen klutziness today.

It seems pretty appropriate that yesterday was one of those made up holidays called "Kitchen Klutzes of America Day". I am not even kidding. So if you hurt yourself yesterday like I did, you were just being festive.

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