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loading... is reporting on a feel-good story about a police officer and a pig.

It appears that Henry, a 200-300-pound pig, (being a pig, he shied away from a scale, so we don’t know his actual weight) escaped his enclosure late Saturday morning and made his way strolling down Highland Street in East Rochester.

Just trying to act casual wasn’t working and soon residents sought the aid of the local police department in trying to harness Henry the Pig and get him out of the street and back home.

Office Lt. Jeremy Aucoin was the responding officer and seems to have a good sense of humor about his late-night escapade with Henry the Pig. Officer Aucoin has been the butt of jokes since the department posted a picture of him and Henry on Facebook, though he has been taking the ribbing like a champ, the newspaper reported.

According to, the ingenious officer fashioned a leash out of a tow strap for poor Henry.  Local residents kept bringing out food for the Officer to feed Henry and keep him happy till his owners could be located because really, he could not exactly get Henry the Pig in the backseat of his police cruiser.

Just when hope was running out, and all the good food was gone (it is reported that Henry turned his nose up at finishing a bag of Twizzlers after consuming a half-eaten hamburger, breakfast cereal, and vegetables) Henry’s family was contacted and assisted in getting him home, the article stated.

So, lesson learned.  If you come across a 300-pound pig in the middle of the street don’t offer him Twizzlers, seek professional help.

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