If you're familiar with Hampton Beach and the many restaurants and bars that line Ocean Boulevard, then you know the name McGuirk's.

The owner of McGuirk's Ocean View Hotel Restaurant and Pub told seacoast online he has purchased the property next door, where several old cottages currently stand and is planning on turning the site into a 'cruise ship style restaurant.'

Tom McGuirk says he has plans to name the new multi-level beach bar which will overlook the ocean 'Post 8,' because lifeguard Post 8 on the beach is directly across from his location.

McGuirk's has been opened since the early 1990's and caters mostly to an older crowd. In his seacoast online interview has says he jokingly calls his establishment 'Bernie's for old people,' because Bernie's Beach Bar, also located along Ocean Blvd tends to have a younger crowd.

For those of you concerned that the current McGuirk's will change, you need not worry. The upstairs dining room and bar in the basement will stay intact.

McGuirk says in a matter of five years, you won't be able to recognize a portion of Boulevard because there is going to be more improvements being made.

Credit Karen Kiley
Credit Karen Kiley