Social distancing and stay at home orders have been the cause of many postponements and cancellations.  As a parent, there's nothing worse than disappointing your kids, but safety comes first.

Well a mom in Greenland, NH found a way to put a smile on her kids' faces for their birthday.  Joanna Lazos Guarracino decided she wanted to do something special for Leo and Sylvia on April 1.

Joanna says she texted about 20 Greenland moms to ask them to drive by her house and honk their horns to celebrate the twins' birthday.  Well, they delivered.  Friends starting calling friends, and before you know it, about 25 cars lined up on Park Ave to begin the trip over.

Joanna tells WOKQ that there were so many people a police escort led the group along the streets to her house.  Leo and Sylvia got quite a surprise when they looked outside to see a parade of cars, honking and waving to celebrate their big day.



Joanna says it was a great April Fool's Day Birthday that they will never forget!

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