(Dover, NH) - The Dover Police Department is investigating a series of credit and debit card frauds that have occurred within the past month at several Dover grocery and drug stores.


The suspects in these cases obtain credit card and debit card information from local victims within the Seacoast area of both Maine and New Hampshire. The credit and debit card information is then used to make duplicate cards which are then utilized at area business to purchase Visa and Mastercard gift cards.

The suspect descriptions are as follows:

 Light skinned black or Middle Eastern male, short dark hair with a thick dark beard and thick dark eyebrows, approximately 5’10 tall, average build,
 Hispanic or Asian female with dark hair and dark eyebrows, approximately 5’6” tall, pudgy build,
 Light skinned black or Middle Eastern male, short dark hair, stubbly short beard, 5’11 to 6’00 tall,
 Black female with shoulder length black hair, 5’6” heavy build,
 White female, long straight black hair, average build and height.


These suspects may be associated with a white or silver four door sedan with a moon roof.

Anyone who believes their credit card, credit card, or other personal account information should contact their local police department.

These cases are being investigated by the Dover Police Department’s Special Investigations Bureau. Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to call the Dover Police Department at 603-742-4646. Anonymous tips may be called into the Dover Crimeline at 603-749-6000. The Dover Crimeline can also be contacted via www.dovernhcrimeline.org.

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