The first time I ate at Popovers it was during our "Five Cities in Five Days" tour in 2018. This was where we broadcast our morning show from a different restaurant every day. We can't wait until this darn pandemic is behind us so we can do it again. In 2018 we were at Popover's Epping location. I ate several popovers throughout the morning with zero shame as you can see in this video:

Little did I know, they offer a popover ice cream sundae! This masterpiece is complete with two giant scoops of ice cream, hot fudge, caramel. whipped cream, sprinkles, and it's all sitting pretty in a toasty warm popover. Behold:

Oh man, is that even legal?! Now that I am a resident of Portsmouth I have been frequenting their location on Congress Street. I may have to order this sundae the next time I POPOVER there. Get it? I'll see myself out.

You know it's good because the Phantom Gourmet only highlights the cream of the crop. Other New Hampshire restaurants they have featured are The Pizza Barn in Center Ossipee, The Beach Plum in Portsmouth, Birch on Elm in Manchester and Tuckers in Merrimack. For the full list of restaurants check out their website.

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