Wow! So much hometown pride happening on the upcoming season of American Idol. First we learned our pal, Kyle Tanguay from Rochester, New Hampshire was auditioning. Then we heard Portsmouth native Sam Robbins also auditioned for the show!

We're not sure if his audition will air on the season premiere this Sunday but according to Seacoast Online, we know that Sam auditioned with an original song called “Raining Sideways.” The song was written about his father and about the pressure of growing up with a dad who is good at everything you are not. This song was a way that Sam could make his father proud!

The paper states that Sam graduated from Berklee College of Music last May and moved to Nashville to pursue his music career. He said he wouldn't have the courage to chase his dreams if it weren't for the incredible support system he has on the Seacoast.

We can't wait to follow Sam's journey on American Idol. The season premiere airs this Sunday February 16th on ABC.

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