If you know me at all, you know I am a major Friends enthusiast! I know, I know, the show is 20-years-old, but I feel like it stands the test of time. I don't get tired of watching Friends reruns even if I've seen them 152 times. However, I still have one burning question that hasn't been answered after all these years. Were Ross and Rachel actually on a break? LOL

I am such a Friends fan that I went to check out the Friends pop up in Boston last year before the world ended. I got to touch the actual pinball machine that was in Joey and Chandlers apartment. I got to see the costume Ross wore as the "Hanukkah Armadillo." It was riveting! Here is some evidence:

Kevin Dwyer took to The (un)Official City of Portsmouth, NH Facebook page to announce that Dwyer's Pub took will be hosting a Friends trivia night this Wednesday October, 14th.

Apparently The Office trivia night was such a great success they are going for round two! Kevin asks that you private message him for reservations.

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