They offered a stern warning on Facebook. Yes, they're watching you!

Most of us are over the fact we didn't receive the predicted amount of snow over the weekend. That doesn't mean multiple inches didn't fall on non garaged vehicles all over the Granite State. Throw in frigid temperatures, and a LOT of people are skimping on cleaning off their vehicles. One city has had enough, and took to Facebook to express concern.

Portsmouth Police was posted Monday "People STILL not clearing the snow off the roof of their vehicles after it snows? Sadly this practice continues to be a problem. Stop making excuses and get the job done.......its the law. Period."

They would know. They ARE the law after all. According to Douglass, Leonard, and Garvey, Under New Hampshire State law, a driver can be cited for driving a vehicle in a manner that “endangers” or “is likely to endanger any person or property.” This may include large amounts of snow and ice that fall from a vehicle. Violators can be fined up to $500 for a first offense and up to $1,000 or a second or subsequent offense.


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