Price gouging has gone way too far.

We all experience price gouging, especially when it comes to concerts and sports venues.

Remember just a few months ago when Taylor Swift broke Ticketmaster? Once the initial tickets were gone, resale tickets were in the THOUSANDS.

Part of me understands that. If there is a demand and you, personally, can get more for your ticket, why not? But sporting and concert venues, which bring in a colossal amount of money every night, do not need to do that. They are supposed to be an addition to the community. A part of the community. Not rob community members on drink and food prices.

When you go to a show or a game, you know that beers, drinks, snacks, etc will always be more than they should cost.

I get it. The stadium or the venue needs to turn a profit. That means they need to upcharge a little.

Keyword – a little.

Charging five and 10 times as much as the items should cost, however, is ridiculous and frankly rude to the venue-goers. Again, the venues should be an addition to the community, NOT rob them because they know attendees want drinks.

I won't name venues, but there are a few places that have made my jaw drop...and my wallet empty.

A month or so ago, I was at a concert venue in Boston, Massachusetts. My wife asked for a Dirty Shirley (her favorite) with Tito's.

Ask yourself, what should that cost? $10? $12? $15? Sure. Those all sound reasonable. NOPE. The drink was nearly $24.

It was made with Tito's...not Grey Goose or Belvedere. I was really frustrated. A $24 drink in a glass the size of a large Dixie cup.

Here is my take: light beers should be $5-$7 MAX, craft beers should be $8-$10 MAX, and any mixed drink with a normal liquor (like Tito's) should cost $15. Not $24. That is crazy talk.

But hey, they keep upcharging and we keep drinking, so who is the real problem? Maybe us suckers. I mean, drinkers...

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