While it may be fun to share the video of a family of bears roaming a residential area on social media, it's something completely different to encounter rabid animals while on a family hike. Certainly not a shareable moment.

This was the case for hikers last week in Alton. Mt. Major is enjoyed by thousands every year. In fact, if you're not early enough to grab a spot in the small parking lot, just getting to the base can be a bit of a hike.  According to NECN, authorities had warned of an aggressive coyote. The animal continued to roam. By Thursday evening the animal was shot and killed by a New Hampshire Fish and Game official.

The article stated that Conservation Officer Ron Arsenault had come face to face with the animal, which in his professional opinion was rabid. Arsenault said calls started Wednesday morning. Hikers were reporting an aggressive coyote on the Yellow Trail. One caller reported that the animal had attacked her dog.

Seeing animals in the wild is one thing, but if they're aggressive, Officer Arsenault says "use a stick or rock to try and fend it off and then get as far away from the animal as possible."

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