When I was watching the Boston Marathon a few years ago I saw a man carrying an older woman across the finish line and I thought to myself, WOW. What a selfless thing to do for another human. I am sure he could have made a faster time but instead he decided to the right thing. This story about the race car driver gave me that same feeling.

Carlos Matos is being hailed as a hero for sacrificing a race win in order to save a stray dog. He was barreling down a race track at 90 miles per hour when the stray dog wandered into the middle of the roadway. Matos slammed on his brakes allowing the dog time to run off. Other cars whizzed past Matos before he continued on his way and finished the race.

According to the Good News Network Carlos said:

“Those who know me know that I have a great admiration for animals. I have five dogs in my house, and there is one that, at night, does not lie down until I arrive. If the episode were repeated today, I would do exactly the same thing.''

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