Just like everyone else at the Kane Brown concert last Thursday, I was mesmerized by the mystery man dancing in the crowd. We were getting kind of bored waiting for Kane to grace the stage but he kept us thoroughly entertained by busting moves to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and Ginuwine's "Pony".

Come to find out his name is Ralph Marifiote and he's from Watertown, MA. This wasn't the first time Ralph's fantastic moves have brought him fame. He told us he was at a concert at Mohegan Sun and started shaking what his mama gave him. People started whipping our their phones to record him and the next day he was a viral sensation!

Bill was able to locate Ralph and invited him to come and dance for me when I got back from Florida:

It was magical. He truly is the life of the party.

His son's can't get enough of his antics:

Ryan Marifiote
Ryan Marifiote

His girlfriend puts up with him:

And we can't wait to see him at another concert.Thanks for coming by Ralph and keep on dancing!

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