Maybe it’s not so rare, but WMTW ABC is reporting on the find of a lifetime.

An extremely rare cotton candy lobster has been found again this year by a Penobscot Bay lobsterman.

Kim Hartley, wife of the luckiest fisherman in New England told WMTW ABC that this is the second cotton candy lobster her husband has caught. Another one was picked up by Hartley four years ago.

The first catch went to an aquarium in Connecticut, the news station stated, and the second beauty is currently in a crate on land. The brightly hued lobster, known as the cotton candy lobster, is a 1 in about 100 million find, but here we are, reading about another one caught off Cape Rosier in Penobscot Bay.

I think is time for Hartley’s to buy a lottery ticket. That’s a lot of luck!

Just last summer Scales, a Portland restaurant posted photos of a cotton candy lobster that was found and one of its chefs released the beauty near Cow Island. Do you think it is the same one?

That would mean the lobster's luck is not that great, to be picked out of the sea a second time.

It’s a spectacular find and sure to tell for generations to come. Too beautiful to eat.  I wonder if it tastes different. I hope we never find out. Ever have the cotton candy grapes? They do taste better.

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