Newfoundland Pony Conservancy Center in Jaffrey, NH is proud to welcome their newest resident.  A rare baby Newfoundland pony was born last week.  There are only about 400 Newfoundland ponies in the world.

According to WMUR, this pony will carry a special honor.  He is being named after Emilio DePalma, a Veteran who lost his battle with Covid-19 at the Soldier's Home in Holyoke.   The pony will be called Emilio's Honour...or Leo for short!

He was born last week....look at how cute he is!

Of course, once I saw Leo's photo I wanted to find out more about the Newfoundland Pony Conservancy.  It seems absolutely amazing.  According to their facebook page, their mission is to provide "a safe haven for endangered Newfoundland Ponies."  Their goal is to also educate the public on these beautiful animals and preserve the species.

They are a non-profit organization and offer " Education, Mentoring, community outreach, sanctuary, breeding, adoption and fostering."    The other cool thing is that they are open to the public (by reservation) to come see the ponies!   Due to Covid-19, they posted some new guidelines:

Here are some more pics of little Leo:

No joke...if this pony goes missing, I need you all to be my alibi!!

The other cool thing I found out about the Newfoundland Pony Conservancy is that they offer free equine therapy for first responders!

So many good things are going on at Newfoundland Pony Conservancy. I spoke with Emily from the center who told me about their "Heal Their Heroes" program:

Check out their facebook page for new pictures of little Leo and to find out more about the great work they are doing here.

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