There's a hilarious scene in National Lampoon's Vacation where Clark takes a wrong turn. While getting directions, the station wagon is stripped. This week, Manchester has experienced a real life version, and it's anything but a laughing matter.


According to the Union Leader, a number of vehicles with high end wheels have been stripped and left on milk crates this week. The articles states that in one instance, a window was shattered, and the thieves went through the glove compartment to find the keyed socket. The thieves, who were seen on closed circuit security then unscrewed the lug nuts to remove the wheels. While a few dollars were visible, they were only interested in the wheels. Police have said this has happened five times in the last week.

Lt. Brian O’Keefe told the Union leader, "We’ve had a rash of these over the last week. People are just jacking up the cars and taking the wheels.”





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