According to an article from Sports Illustrated and a report from WMUR, Jonathan Keane has no memory of that frightening day 36 years ago.

Keane, who is now 41-years-old, was at a Boston Red Sox game on August 7, 1982, with one of his brothers and their father, Tom. The family had seats behind the first-base dugout, and in the 4th inning of the game, Jonathan Keane was struck by a foul ball.

Boston Red Sox's Jim Rice knew he had to do something quick. He bolted from the dugout, ran to the boy, picked him up and rushed him to the clubhouse where Jonathan received immediate treatment from the team physicians before being transported to a local hospital in Boston for treatment.

If you were alive back in 1982 and a sports fan, you remember the photo of Jim Rice cradling the boy in his arms. It's a photo that stays with you. In fact, Keane's father Tom can't even bring himself to look at the picture. Watch the video below from WMUR and you'll understand.

Jonathan Keane no longer lives in New Hampshire and says he only has a slight scar above his left eye from that life-changing day at Fenway Park

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