On social media, I see so many people finding peace and serenity though spending time with their pets. It gives them purpose in these uncertain times plus the unconditional love from an animal can help with anxiety, depression and validate one's self worth.

Nothing against my sweet turtle, Schlomo but she is hardly an emotional support animal. Every time we take her out of her tank she tucks her little head into her shell. She's pretty shy but it's fun watching her eat her shrimp pellets and swim around!

When I saw what BlixxHorses in West Kennebunk, Maine is doing, I immediately wanted to know more!

According to WMTW, this farm is allowing you to come hang out with their therapy horses in order to alleviate stress while still practicing social distancing.

No, these horses are not for riding. They are are for admiring from a far. This gives you an opportunity to get out into the fresh air and form a calming bond with an animal.

The owner of  BlixxHorses, Gabriela Quinn said that "You can get a lot of that serenity and release a lot of that stress just by sitting and enjoying the horses from a distance".

She also wants to assure people that she is being cautious and disinfects surfaces between visits to keep everyone safe, according to the news station.

Schedule your session with a therapy horse by visiting BlixxHorses on Facebook.

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