Clearly Canadian sparkling water was a real big hit back in the 90's! Right up there with butterfly clips and Lisa Frank binders! I am guessing it was a little before my time because I can't remember ever tasting this sweet nectar and my parents were and are BIG seltzer drinkers. According to, Clearly Canadian came in delightful flavors like Orchard Peach, Mountain Blackberry, Country Raspberry, and Wild Cherry.

The article states that for some reason back in 2009, production for Clearly Canadian stopped and people were outraged!  By 2013, some folks who missed the bubbly goodness so much started a movement to bring it back.

I didn't realize the hype around this beverage until I saw Kari Emily Lindstrom post to the U local New Hampshire Facebook page that she spotted Clearly Canadian back in New Hampshire! (at River Street Market in Jaffrey to be specific) The post took off like wildfire with over 350 comments and 109 shares:

Kari Emily Lindstrom via Facebook
Kari Emily Lindstrom via Facebook
Kari Emily Lindstrom via Facebook
Kari Emily Lindstrom via Facebook

Here's what the people are saying:

Andy: "All we need now is the jolt cola and the sobe"


North Conway Mountain Dreams Vacation Rental:
"Yay!!!! Black cherry was a fav"


Brittany: "Peach was my favorite"

People also mentioned in the comments other local stores they have seen Clearly Canadian sold!  Here they are:

World Market, Salem NH

Crowley's Variety & Grill, Farmington NH

Park & Go, Wilmot NH

Borderline Beverage, Somersworth NH

Rapid Refill (on DW Highway), Merrimack NH

Know of any others? Feel free to let us know in the comments! Oh and you can also order them on Amazon but I think we should try to support local businesses instead of Jeff Bezos whenever we can.

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