The legendary crustacean from Florida was on its way to the Maine State Aquarium to live out its golden years but showed up dead. 

'Larry the Lobster' was a 110-year-old, 15-pound lobster that was, most-likely, awaiting a boiled death at a Florida restaurant. Last week the lobster made headlines when the restaurant showed it off to a local television station.

Thankfully for Larry's sake, a rescue group stepped in and saved the famous crustacean. Soon after Larry's purchase from the Tin Roof restaurant, rescuers thought it best to send him where lobsters are appreciated the most: Maine.

Larry was packed in a box of ice, wrapped in a cold towel, and shipped via FedEx to the Maine State Aquarium. Unfortunately, he died at some point during transit.

It's still unclear what it was that killed Larry and it's likely there will be no investigation...because its a lobster.

RIP Larry The Lobster 1906(???) - 2016

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