It's no secret that people across the globe love themselves some Harry Potter. When a Harry Potter themed dinner show opened in Maine earlier this year, reservations filled quickly. So you can't blame a tea house at Patriot Place in Foxborough for seizing the moment and creating an *officially licensed* Harry Potter pop-up called Wizards High Tea.

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What can you expect? Well, first things first. As every Potter fan knows, you'll have to be sorted into a house. From there, you'll have your choice of beverage. Perhaps a high tea or an ice cold (or hot) butterbeer. There will also be other delicious treats to snack on, from a deathly hallows macaron to a sorcerer's scone. And what would any good *officially licensed* pop-up be without loads of *officially licensed* Harry Potter merchandise? You'll find plenty of it here, from games to books to mugs...for muggles of course.

The Wizards High Tea event is around for a limited time. You can expect it to magically disappear on March 31st. Just as everything else Harry Potter related, you'll need to make a reservation to visit. There are both minimum age and minimum expense requirements to make a reservation, so please be advised.

And one last thing, make sure to dress the part. Wizards are welcome for this event.


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