To know Joe Hooper, was to love Joe Hooper. He had personality that was larger than life. Just look at that smile!

Brittney Carter via Facebook
Brittney Carter via Facebook

Joe was a true icon in Rochester, New Hampshire, and the surrounding towns. He loved singing Karaoke, riding his bike around town, cracking jokes and making everyone smile. According to his niece Brittney, Joe was a WOKQ super fan! He would listen to the telephone flea market RELIGIOUSLY every Sunday and even call in from time to time. Joe became pretty chummy with some of our former radio personalities and even got invited to some station Christmas parties! We are thrilled to have played a small role in this very special man's life.

Recently Joe recently suffered from a massive stroke that put him in the hospital. He spent the last week of his life telling those around him how much he loved them, joking with the nurses, and smiling as big as ever.

Brittney said:

"On 07/28/2021, we had to wish our sweetest uncle Joe a safe flight home as he entered the arms of the Lord. He passed peacefully and comfortably and is surely enjoying his reunion with the loved ones he’s lost."

Joe's is a life that deserves to be honored and celebrated. Brittney hopes that her family will be able to hold a wake, have him buried, host a celebration of life party, and have his bike bronzed and displayed in a place of honor in Rochester. They have started a Go Fund Me to be able to give Joe the celebration he deserves. If you are able to help this family as they navigate this unexpected loss, I know they would greatly appreciate it.

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