Rochester police came up with a hilarious idea to prompt folks to lock their cars during the holiday season.

The department created a vintage-looking video that was posted to The City of Rochester's YouTube page that hilariously depicts the danger of not locking one's car during the holiday season.

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The video, shot like an old-timey movie in black and white complete with a piano soundtrack and speech slides, shows a woman bringing shopping bags to her vehicle after an outing at a store. The woman, however, seems to have forgotten something and runs back inside without locking her car.

At this point, a sly-looking man (with a mustache, of course) saunters up to the car with obvious intentions of theft before a police officer takes notice. The officer then chases the "villain," as he is called in the video, around the car in a hilarious manner.

Rochester police was investigating a string of car thefts two weeks ago, three of which were connected with the Gonic Trails on Rochester Neck Road.

"In these cases it appears as if the suspects are smashing car windows and stealing purses, wallets and check books," Rochester police said in a statement posted to Facebook, adding that there have been similar thefts reporter in surrounding areas including New Hampshire and Maine. "The suspects then use those items to fraudulently cash checks and make fraudulent transactions with the credit card and other personal information stolen from the vehicles."

Police added in the statement that people should refrain from leaving valuable items in their cars when possible to avoid increasing chances of a car theft. Additionally, with hiking season underway, police said firearms and other weapons should not be left in unattended vehicles.

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