What did you do during the pandemic of 2020?  Two UMASS Hockey players decided to raise money for cancer research by roller-skating from Boston to Michigan according to People.com.  Andrew Walker and Jacob Adkins skated nearly 900 miles on skates, traveling through many states along the way from Boston to Michigan.  It only took them 10 days!  They have a passion for helping others, especially those affected by cancer during this coronavirus pandemic.  Both UMASS students have been affected personally by cancer with Adkins’ mother being a Lymphoma survivor whose cancer has been in remission since 2015 and Walker's grandfather passed away following a battle with cancer.


They have raised over $24,000 dollars though their GoFundMe page and you can see their journey on social media.  They have an Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube page under the moniker “Men in Blades” according to People.com.  The two, who are roommates at UMASS, were assisted in their journey by some friends who acted as nurse, chef, filmmaker, and photographer who followed them in a donated RV where the men slept when not skating.


The avid hockey players posted “With most ice rinks closed down, we are hitting the pavement and rollerblading from Boston to Michigan this summer to raise money and awareness for all of those who can’t get out there and fight for themselves. We are raising money for cancer/patients/survivors/families/caregivers who are struggling to get the help they need during the coronavirus pandemic.”  What an amazing journey.  They can look back at 2020 and know that they made a difference in so many lives.  If you are interested in donating, I included the link below.




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