YIKES! Somebody did some serious damage to the Rye Elementary School entrance on Sagamore Road. The Rye Police Department said on their Facebook page someone came into the station on Sunday night (March 14th) around 11:45 pm to report the damage.

Officers headed to the scene and found the school sign (which is made out of GRANITE) completely broken in half!

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

In addition, the fence and a tree had been visibly hit by a vehicle and was broken into pieces. There was no driver in sight but parts of the vehicle were reportedly left at the scene.

Whoever was operating this vehicle was DEFINITELY not keeping their eyes on the road. (I know, thank you Captain Obvious) And with my limited knowledge of the situation, I would venture to guess that the driver was impaired in some way. Hence why they took off and didn't want to be charged for the damages and potentially a DUI or OUI. This type of damage probably did a number on their car even if they drive a larger vehicle. Someone named Lisa in the comments suggested checking a few area body shops. She said someone is bound to show up with damage that matches. I thought that was a pretty smart idea! Someone else in the comments who seems to know a lot about cars said "It was a large vehicle, a truck or SUV. Vehicle has mud terrain tires, possibly with a lifted suspension."

The Rye Police Department is asking if anyone has any information about this accident to contact the Rye Police Department at 603-964-5522. You can also make an anonymous tip through Seacoast Crime Stoppers here.

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