Earlier this week Seabrook police reported that a seal had been found on Route 286 in Seabrook right by Brown's Lobster Pound. The high tides from the storm left this two month old gray seal on the side of the road scared and confused.

Seabrook PD reached out the National Marine Life Center who came and rescued the pup from harms way. The Brown's Lobster Pound seal, who now goes by the name of Saco, is continuing to get better little by little and they are calling his prognosis 'guardedly optimistic.'

The SSC Marine Mamal Rescue would love to have a device that could help them better care for seals like Saco. It's called a handheld iStat blood analyzer machine and would help them determine whether the animal is a rehabilitation candidate. The problem is it costs 7,000 dollars and they are a non-profit organization! Donations are being accepted on the SSC Marine Mamal Rescue Facebook page. All donations are tax deductable and no donation is too small.

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