As a kid, my family would trek from upstate New York to the ocean, specifically to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, and Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts.  We grew up with lakes, not the ocean, so it was always a thrill to visit the coast.

With the go-kart track and arcades, Salisbury Beach remained a place where teenagers gathered to have fun.

The new Carousel Pavilion houses the iconic Salisbury Beach Carousel, which looks great in the heart of the oceanfront area. If you go to Blue Ocean Music Hall or Seaglass Restaurant, you will have a beautiful view of the ocean and Salisbury Beach and all its beauty.

Salisbury Beach Partnership, Inc via Facebook
Salisbury Beach Partnership, Inc via Facebook

There's one person who's been spearheading the revitalization of Salisbury Beach for years now, and it looks like he's making some headway. Wayne Capolupo is the managing partner for Big Block Development Group, spearheading the development and revitalization of the One Oceanfront Project.

This is a massive $190 million project to create homes and businesses on Salisbury Beach, according to the Newburyport News.  The group started the approval process back in 2015, and it appears they've just crossed a big hurdle, with the Conservation Committee recently giving its stamp of approval.

There was some concern about dune destruction and the impact of waves, but part of the proposal is the construction of a 34,000-square-foot sand dune restoration.

Salisbury Beach Partnership, Inc via Facebook
Salisbury Beach Partnership, Inc via Facebook

The building and retail space will replace a very old, outdated building behind the boardwalk and create 235 residential units, with 7,500 square feet of retail space.

With Salisbury Beach being one of a handful of oceanfront communities still somewhat affordable, this new project is a great addition for the residents of Salisbury, and the tourists and business it will attract.

Meanwhile, Salisbury Beach is still a beautiful beach with plenty to offer families and anyone who wants a day at the beach, waves included.

There's only one question left to ask: Christy's or Tripoli?  If you know, you know.

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