Super Bowl Sunday is usually a day spent cheering on your favorite team at a great house party or your favorite bar.

Or if you’re me, in pajamas in your bed!

For server Jennifer Navaria it was just another scheduled work day. Turns out, it was a great day to have to work after all.

According to, Jennifer was waiting tables at the Seaglass Restaurant in Salisbury when she got a big surprise. Car dealership owner Ernie Boch Jr. was dining with a friend when he noticed the restaurant was kind of empty.

When Boch received his check for $157.56, he decided to leave a little extra. says a little bit extra turned out to be a $5000.00 tip!

Navaria posted a pic of the receipt that included a message from Boch to none other than Donnie Wahlberg.

The message said “Donnie, your move”!

Donnie Wahlberg recently left a tip for $2,020.00 for a server at IHOP to celebrate the New Year.

It looks like Ernie Boch Jr. is keeping the trend alive!

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