The Boston based brewer says this special batch will be ready before game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals.

It's a tradition they started with the Boston Red Sox. 'Damage Done' was a special IPA in celebration of the team's most recent World Series triumph. Then, Patriots fans were able to get a taste of 'Too Old, Too Slow, Still Here' during the Super Bowl. Now, with the Bruins knee-deep in the Stanley Cup Finals, an appropriately titled 'Black & Gold' beer will arrive next week. According to WMUR News 9,  Black & Gold is described as a medium-bodied lager with chocolate notes, a hint of coffee and a slightly sweet and roasted malt flavor.

If you're really into beer, and the Bruins, you might want to take Monday off. Black & Gold will go on sale that day, and want it in time for Game 4's start, you're going to be waiting in line. WMUR reports purchases are limited to one four-pack per customer. Also, they expecting a line and will allow people to start waiting at noon for purchases to begin by 3 p.m. You'll only be able to purchase it at their Jamaica Plain Brewery.

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