It's not every day that a big headliner like country star Sam Hunt plays a free, public concert in a major city like Boston, Massachusetts.

To that point, it's not every day that the Boston Bruins play in an outdoor rink, Fenway Park to be exact, in the 2023 NHL Winter Classic.

The concert was made public on December, 22, 2022 at 9:30 in the morning, in a tweet posted by Sam Hunt himself:

If you are not a hockey fan, it doesn't matter. This will be an incredible day in Boston, Massachusetts, and all around New England.

First of all, the concert will be incredible. Again, it's free.

I, for one, am going to the game, so I will certainly be attending this free concert.

The atmosphere for the Winter Classic is unmatched. Players love it. Coaches love it.

It is classic outdoor ice hockey meets two of the best professional teams (the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburg Penguins) meets one of the most iconic locations ever: Fenway Park.

If you are not going to the game, you should definitely try and go to the concert, if you are around the city. This day will shape up to be one of the greatest memories in Boston history.

Sam Hunt's performance will take place in the Brookline lot, next to Fenway Park, from 10AM to 2PM ET, according to a Taste of Country Nights article.

If you are not in the area or don't plan to attend the game, concert, bars, or any of the festivities in person, have no fear, cause TNT is your go to. TNT will give you snips of any shenanigans near Causeway, the Fenway area, Sam Hunt's show, the pre-gamers (like myself), and more.

Let's go Bruins!

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