I love a good bargain. If you're like me you're always looking for ways to cut costs and save a few extra bucks. And even if you don't watch your pennies that closely...there's something great about not paying full price.

So I was glad to see Good Housekeeping put out this article about all of the things you can buy at the Dollar Store...and save some serious bucks.

And I can tell you from personal experience...this article is right on point, because I have bought many of these items there. Good Housekeeping lists fifty things you can save money on at the Dollar Store...but I'm going to focus on the three things I've  bough most often.

Spices. You know I love to cook. If you do too, then you know spices are EXPENSIVE! Who wants to pay $7.99 for a little container of paprika when you can get a BIG one at the Dollar Store for a buck? If you're cooking for a group of people this holiday season...you can save yourself a lot of money by getting spices at the Dollar Store.

Ibuprofen.  OK so it might not be name-brand Advil. And you won't get a huge bottle of them for a buck. But for a dollar a bottle you can afford to buy six of them for what you pay for one at the pharmacy or the grocery store.

Balloons. There isn't a birthday party, an anniversary or a special occasion that requires balloons that I don't go to the Dollar Store. For a dollar each, I can afford to fill the room with balloons. And I'm not talking about the plain old one color balloon either. They have the really cool ones. Let's be honest for a second...no matter how old you are...who doesn't love a great balloon?

So those are the three things I save money on most often by shopping at the Dollar Store. But there are lots of other things too like cleaning supplies, picture frames, tooth brushes.  At Christmas they have lots of cool little stocking stuffers.

And with all that money you save you can treat yourself to your favorite coffee or snack.
Happy shopping.


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