Stefano Lunardi

Get those shopping bags ready.  Charge up the charge cards people because it is time to save big on taxes this weekend on shopping in Massachusetts.

WCVB.com did a story on the sales tax holiday for Massachusetts, which happens August 17 and August 18.

The Law stems from legislation signed in 2018 that called for a sales tax holiday weekend annually.  Back to school shoppers rejoice!

There is, of course, a few catches.

Retail items up to $2,500 for personal use are exempt, according to WCVB.  So, if you can hit up the Apple Store, make sure your “one item” is less than $2,500.

Also, a few exemptions for this tax-free holiday weekend include meals, motor vehicles, motorboats, telecommunications services, gas, steam, electricity, tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol.

According to WCVB, this tax-free weekend even includes internet sales.  If you purchase something on the internet and it doesn’t get delivered till after the weekend, it still qualifies as long as the purchase is made on August 17 or August 18.

I suppose this tax-free holiday won’t help you stock your liquor cabinet, but it can provide relief for back to school shoppers.

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