I know they are out there but seeing them still freaks me out and sends shivers down my spine.  Steve Brettell has a whale of a tale to tell about seeing a shark tearing up a whale carcass off Drake’s Island in Wells, Maine Friday morning and he has the pictures to prove it according to nbcboston.com.

The Shark Feeding Frenzy

Sharks eat like I do.  Like they have never seen a meal before.  When Steve Brettell, who ran a fishing charter for 30 years got a call from a friend about sharks feeding off a whale carcass he had to see it.  When he arrived, there was only one shark but Steve still staying about a half an hour watching the wonders of nature.  I mean, how many times are you going to see that?  I am anxious to hear what type of shark it was.  So far, the theories are in was a great white or a porbeagle.

No Beaches Were Closed

Bretell tells nbcboston.com “I was there about a half-hour.  He just circled, circled around and every once in a while, he’d come up and take a bite.  It was fun to watch.  He was a big guy.”  I’m sure it was fascinating to watch – from a boat. It’s all fun and games until the whale carcass washes up on the beach.  The carcass washed ashore at Mother’s Beach in Kennebunk on Friday afternoon on a packed beach.  That’s one way to clear a beach crowd.  Hopefully, that carcass kept the sharks filled for a while and they will stay offshore.

Shark Species in Maine

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