I heard Chio and Kira talking about this on my into work this morning and I had to laugh out loud!

How long would it be before you caught on to this?

I guess if the plant you were watering every day for 2 years kept looking healthy, then maybe you wouldn't question it?

My wife and I both can't raise a plant.  We can raise the heck outta our kids, but when it comes to plants, they just don't like us.

So when I heard this story of Caelie Wilkes I could totally relate.

I love the fact that it wasn't until she tried to transplant it to another pot she realized it was a fake plant.

Check out her Facebook page.  The comments are brilliant!

I saw a lot of "been there done that" and "that could be me" kinda comments.

There's over 4,100 comments already since Friday when she posted it, and it's growing...but not the plant.  ha...see what I did there?  Man, I crack myself up!!

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