It should really come as no surprise that for the last couple of weeks, prices at the pump here in Northern New England have been on the increase. This week, is no expception.

In both Maine and New Hampshire, prices have gone up 1.6 cents per gallon. In Maine, the average price was $2.57, and in New Hamsphire,$2.49. In Vermont, prices rose 3.8 cents per gallon, averaging $2.61.

Our region is still below the national average of $2.69, which by the way is up 26.5 cents per gallon from one month ago.

So, why the jump in prices? USA Today has a very interesting article, that explains the surge at the pump across the country. The article says some of the reasons are that the price at the pump is driven mostly by rising oil prices, refinery capacity and refinery locations an state taxes.

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