You can’t mess with perfection.  Redo’s often fall flat. is reporting that the new mix of the classic children’s Alphabet Song by Dream English has people enraged.

The song, a classic part of anyone’s childhood, is not to be tampered with, apparently.

Dream English’s aim was to improve the original Alphabet song by leaving more time for the “LMNOP” part.  Do they also want to make Winnie the Pooh pink instead of tan?  Do they want to make Barney green instead of purple, so he is easier to see?

This might ruin your day, but if you wanna hear this new version, you can check it out here.

Tampering with our precious childhood memories is not welcome.  My favorite part of the ABC song was listening to my children sing it to me and ESPECIALLY the “elemeno” part.

My daughter was adorable singing that to me.  It’s reminiscent of when she would say “faghetti” instead of “spaghetti.”

I’ve listened to the remix version and it honestly hurts my head.  Part of the ABC song’s charm was it was so catchy. The new remix doesn't sound right.  Maybe some kids that never heard the original will like it but personally, I vote NO on the remix.

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