Nearly 500 vehicles were pulled over, and police found multiple violators.

Tipped here last week, New Hampshire State Troopers conducted the first sobriety checkpoint in a while on New Hampshire's seacoast Saturday night, and multiple motorists were affected. According to the Concord Patch, 477 vehicles were stopped and screened on Route 1a in Seabrook Friday night. A few people picked up DWI charges, while one person from Rhode Island will face an aggravated DWI charge. Also, one motorist was found to be operating without a license. All six are due in Hampton Circuit Court at a future date, according to the Concord Patch.

For the summer of 2019, New Hampshire State Police have changed up their traditional method of nabbing drunk and impaired drivers. The popularity of social media has lessened the impact of 'sobriety checkpoints.' Instead, law enforcement opted for 'DWI saturation patrols.' In these, a large group of officers patrol an entire area, instead of setting up shop on one road and stopping drivers.


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