The time is now to reflect on the year we've had before venturing on to a new one. I think it's only appropriate that we remember the most New Hampshire-ish things that happened in our beloved state over the past year.

When creepy clowns took over New Hampshire

I could have lived a happy life not witnessing any of this creepy clown hullabaloo.

When giant flip books were "straight chillin" in the woods at Beam Camp

We call this art, others call it weird.

The time an albino porcupine was spotted

I believe they prefer "pigmentally challengend"

When this couple took death defying wedding photos

Yes she is dangling off the edge of the White Mountains all in the name of love.

The time Manchester's own Recycled Percussion hid 1,000 dollars somewhere in NH

That was such a fun idea!

The time the hitch hiking NH bride became a viral sensation

Angelique Arsenault
Angelique Arsenault

What? Her limo got a flat tire in Brookline NH and the gal needed a lift!

Can you think of any other 2016 moments that scream New Hampshire?

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